Even though Mary and I are still busy organizing sailing workshops and sailing catamarans on Sri Lanka, spring is roaring (20.000 miles away) in The Netherlands and I was anxious to have East of the Sun’s engine restarted and serviced after the long cold winter. Lucky for me, my father is also a boat enthusiast (all be it a motorboat enthusiast) so I asked him to make a trip to East of the Sun together with our trusty family engine technician (Sjaak) and give her some much needed lovin.

In our absence our boat had been in the water for almost 2 full moths without a in-depth check-up, but fortunately the bilge wasn’t to full and our trusty Volvo Penta engine fired up nicely on the very first attempt :). How is that for the engine craftsmanship of the 1970’s!? 🙂 Non the less there was plenty to add and replace:

This cycle we had a new wierpot installed + we renewed almost all the hoses on the engine and replaced the intake valve for the engine cooling water system.

All in all we are happy to conclude our engine is strong and reliable and survived the cold winter in good condition. It will provide a good feeling of trust on our longer voyages this season.

Take a nice look at another sailor servicing an engine very similar to ours:


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