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Crafting saxophones

Teaching Extreme Learning

Skill shares at Smena Station


  • Born in Moscow Russia
  • Founder of Amsterdam on board / on-line campaign manager for Quicksilver, Roxy a.o.

Boat brainstorm sessions for entrepreneurs with Mary

Yacht brunches with Mary

Hi, we are Flo & Mary, a fun-loving couple, (Married actually for two years now Jeeeeej :)! Who love to travel and to live an exploring lifestyle. We are both very active entrepreneurs, often on the road on our dutch bikes, sliding down mountains on snowboards, surfing in the far east or windsurfing windy places. We’ve always dreamed of living a different life, less bound to one location and more filled with exploration and adventure, but we also want to start our family and we love to spend lots of time with our great friends and relatives. Together we are trying our best to weave it all together and make our dreams a reality.

For our friends there is always a spot on our boat, in our house or wherever it is we are currently residing. We are always open to new ideas, collaborations and projects. If you want to get in touch just send as an email, P.M. through Facebook, Insta direct, or contact us through any of the many other places where we can be connected these days 🙂

We hope to see you on the water, on the mountain or on the waves!

Flo & Mary

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